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Our core mission is to provide unwavering support and care, continuously encouraging our clients and participants to live and enjoy life to the fullest. We strive to help them exercise their individual abilities, skills, and talents in all aspects of life.

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About Metro We Care Community

Metro We Care

Metro We Care is a family-oriented healthcare service with its head office based in Melbourne, Victoria. We started providing services 3 years ago and continue to do so, driven by our commitment to excellent care, one of our core qualities and strengths.

Our ultimate goal is to reach people nationwide and provide them with exceptional services and a great environment. To achieve this, we have opened a new branch in Perth, WA, to better serve our clients, their relatives, our employees, and our partners.

At Metro We Care, we focus on participant-centered care and support services. Our support workers and health professionals are not only professional and efficient but also exhibit strong work ethics, empathy, and respect for their clients and colleagues.

Our Services

Services We Can Provide

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Civic & Social Participation

The practice of improving the civic and social participation of an individual with a disability is a multi-level process

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Assist Travel/Transport

People with disabilities often face troubling travel and transportation to their destinations.


Household Tasks

Any kind of physical disability hits the worst when the individual wants to live independently but finds

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Activities of Daily Living

Australia including Perth WA has a large population who are dealing with disabilities. Further,

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Life Skills Capacity Building/Coaching.

Life skill capacity building is all about ensuring that people with disabilities may attain the skills

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Recreation/Sport/Assistive Technologies

Recreational activities are often considered a great method to deal with stigma, discrimination

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Respite Care

Caregiving to a disabled individual, regardless of the age and level of disability, is a demanding job. It is often difficult

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This is a social stigma and a bitter truth that a person with any kind of disability has to deal with several kinds of

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